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Designed to be the ultimate performance air purifier, Airdog X8 is the largest of the Airdog X Series line of purification. With a high and mighty CADR rating, Airdog X8 can move 470 cubic feet of clean air per minute, allowing up to 3000 square feet of continuous purification - doubling the power of the Airdog X5. In addition to harnessing Airdog's patented TPA Technology, the X8 also includes a wireless Air Quality Index Sensor, allowing you to test the air quality throughout your entire home or workplace! 

Airdog™ X8 Purifier

$1,199.00 Regular Price
$1,099.00Sale Price
    • Harnesses Airdog's patented TPA Technology
    • Destroys H3N2 (Influenza Virus) at a rate of 99.99%
    • Removes smoke, odors, and formaldehyde from indoor air
    • Capable of purifying spaces up to 3000 square feet* 
    • Powerful but quiet; moves up to 470 cubic feet of air per minute
    • Requires no replacement filters; Simply wash and reuse
    • Includes detachable AQI sensor to test air quality throughout your space. 
  • Unit Size - 30" x 15" x 15"

    Unit Weight - 43.5 lbs.

    Shipping Weight - 51 lbs

    Power - 100-240 V (AC)

    Warranty - 1 Year Service Center Warranty on New Airdog X-Series Models

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